Power BI Migration

At DataPluzz, we have a team of consultants specialized in implementing Microsoft Power BI for businesses. As Power BI Consultants, our mission is to set our clients up for success by providing accessible, scalable reporting solutions that help them better understand, visualize, and manipulate their data.

What is Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is the leading business intelligence platform. It combines processing power with simplicity and versatility, making it highly usable for everything from the basics to complex reporting. Its popularity is, in part, due to its accessibility for non-IT users. It uses a functional language similar to Excel, making it easy to learn for business analysts.

We help with the definition of your architecture, environments' configuration, infrastructure and governance support. We pull data from diverse sources and systems, such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Remedy Force; but we can also offer to access your business' Legacy Systems.

Our services cover the three principle Power BI's layers:
Back-End - Analysis, modeling and construction of corporate data warehouses in Ms SQL Server, with its respective integration to the diverse data sources (ETLS, using SQL Service Integration Services or Pentaho Kettle).

Middle Layer - Construction of a semantic data model. Depending on the volume and complexity, it can be implemented by Power BI, or by SQL Server Analysis Services for larger-sized business' solutions.

Front-End - Creation of reports and dashboards for an optimized data analysis.